Dark Towers Home of Prof. Steven Dark

WELCOME to Dark Towers, home and refuge to the host of Dark Arts Horror Radio and writer in residence the brilliant but wildly eccentric Steven Dark, writer of dark fiction & horror poetry, Nekromancer, Absinthe afficianado & connoisseur of gothic fiction. The Towers, as it’s affectionately known, is a rambling old mansion, in anachronistic Neo-Victorian Gothic Steampunk style set in a remote area, standing (or falling down to be more accurate) in some acreage of unkempt gardens.

You are selectively invited to visit Dark Towers … be careful how you tread.

Dark Arts Horror Radio

Dark Arts Horror Radio broadcasting from Beyond the Grave

Dark Arts Horror Radio broadcasting From the Beyond the Grave 24/7/365 playing non-stop classic ghost stories, spine-tingling tales of terror, supernatural suspense, macabre mystery and a medley of morose and melancholic music .

“It’s Creepy, Eerie and all together you’ll have a good time listening to it.”Android App user Bryan Miller

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Dark Arts Horror Radio